Stag’s Breath is a link with the Forty-five – or ’41, to be precise: 1941, when the SS Politician ran aground in a February gale off the island of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides.

Her principal cargo was whisky – 50,000 cases, it is said: “Highland Gold and Highland Heart, Tartan Milk and Tartan Perfection, Bluebell, Northern Light … Stag’s Breath.”

The tale was immortalised by Sir Compton Mackenzie in Whisky Galore, from whom we learn that the last-mentioned brand was one “particularly favoured by the inhabitants of the two Toddays in the good old days of plenty.”

History does not relate what made Stag’s Breath so special; however, it is safe to assume that its contemporary namesake is an altogether different ‘cratur’. If whisky is ever ‘mere’, this is no ‘mere’ whisky.

It is a miraculous blend including fine Speyside whiskies and fermented heather honey-comb, which is now finding favour amongst discriminating drinkers far beyond the shores of Todday.


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