Stags Breath Scottish Honey Whisky Liqueur

Cheese & W̶i̶n̶e̶ Stag’s Breath Liqueur

Wine ? Stag’s Breath Liqueur* is the perfect accompaniment to reinvent your cheese board!

Cheese and Wine are a very well known combination that many of us like to appreciate from time to time, but have you ever considered pairing your favourite dairy good with a gently spiced Stag’s Breath Liqueur?

The science behind the well-known food pairing suggests that because these two goods are on opposite ends of the taste spectrum, together they create a marvellous taste sensation which will excite your senses and leave you wanting more. The same can be said when uniting the strong flavours of Scotland’s most scrumptious cheeses and the the rich taste of our deliciously golden, whisky-based liqueur.

We are delighted to have teamed up with our friend, and local fromagère, Lydie at the Cheese Neuk who has provided us with three well-tested combinations that will have your mouth watering.

1. Ailsa Craig

First up is the deliciously creamy, soft goat’s cheese, Ailsa Craig! Does its name ring a bell? This distinctive Ayrshire Cheese bears the name of the small uninhabited island in the outer Firth of Clyde.

Ailsa Craig by Holly McNair (IG: @hollys_porfolio)

The sweet and milky taste of this cheese has only a hint of goat, which perfectly complements our gently spiced Stag’s Breath Liqueur. This silklike cheese is guaranteed to melt in your mouth – we wouldn’t make a cheese board without it!

1. Fat Cow

Fat Cow, Minger and Blue Murder are just a handful of carefully crafted cheeses made by Highland Fine Cheeses in Tain. Uniquely named, these award-winning cheeses are some of our Scottish favourites. Fat Cow is a semi-hard washed rind cheese with a strong meaty aroma. It’s smooth texture and exquisite, sweet flavour can be superbly paired with a nightcap of our Stag’s Breath Liqueur as a tasty supper treat.

Left: Fat Cow – Right: Ailsa Craig

3. Hebridean Blue

Last up on our list of recommendations is this blue, unpasturised cheese made using cow’s milk. Think of it as Scotland’s take on the classic Stilton. Produced further afield on the Isle of Mull by the owners of the Scriob Ruadh Farm, this extremely blue cheese (in comparison to many British cheeses) has salty and tangy tones which greatly differentiate it from the others we have recommended today. This punchy, yet creamy cheese has a long lasting taste that goes well with the musty sweetness of our smooth, honeyed liqueur.

Hebridean Blue & Stag’s Breath Liqueur

If you are passing by Kingussie, make sure you head into the Cheese Neuk and grab yourself our highly recommended Cheese Selection, along with a bottle of our Stag’s Breath Liqueur.

If you give any of these cheeses a try or test our liqueur with cheeses of your own choice, we would love to know! Tag us on Instagram using the #stagsbreathliqueur tag to be in with a chance of featuring in our Photo of the Week!

Have a ‘grate’ day!

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