Stag’s Breath liqueur is produced and bottled in the picturesque village of Newtonmore, in the very heart of the Scottish Highlands. The pure air and cloud-pure burn water found in the Valley of the Spey River provide a wild, natural flavour and the perfect inspiration for this unique liqueur.

The district around is the ancient Lordship of Badenoch. It is a rich and beautiful background of mountains, woodland and valley meadows, famous for its deer forests and grouse moors, golden eagle country and the winter haunts of the whooper swans.

The game, the hill sheep, the cattle, are the prime produce of this land. The heather and the premium barley provide the heather comb honey and the malt whisky that are the prime ingredients of our liqueur; Stag’s Breath’s distinctive nose is a result of the carefully blended base of Speyside malt whisky, distilled to mellow maturity and married to another magical fermentation: the crop of the honey bees working their quiet purpose across the heather-clad hills.

The tapestry of Badenoch’s history is eventful and tumultuous. It is the territory of the Clan Macpherson, and their annual Rally still takes place every August in this special homeland, an area of natural distinction that we are proud to call home.

And the Name? From Compton Mackenzie’s Novel Whisky Galore, where we learn that Stag's Breath was particularly favoured by the inhabitants of the book’s two remote fictional Scottish islands ‘in the good old days of plenty’.

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