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Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020

It’s that time of year again when we make an extra special effort to celebrate all Dads on Father’s Day. Whatever shape or kind or make they might be. To say thanks for what they do for us, what they mean to us, how much love they have given to us.

We’ve brought together a few ideas here for something to accompany Dad’s bottle of Stag's Breath Liqueur and serve as a reminder of this special day, 21 June 2020.

Hip Flask

This hip flask from is the ideal accompaniment to a gift of a 70cl bottle of Stag's Breath Liqueur. Great for your Dad to take in his pocket for a walk into the hills or for the odd warming sip as he fishes on the banks of the river.


These stylish glasses by Norman Copenhagen have been favourites of ours for ages. Gorgeous to look at and great for drinking Stag’s Breath Liqueur.


Always nice to have a wee munch with a dram of Stag’s Breath Liqueur. Maybe make up a box with a few delights that you know are your Dad’s favourites

Mrs Tilly's Website

Deans Shortbread

Time Together

You can either spend a lot of money on an exciting day out for you and Dad – later this year maybe – or you can spend no money on a relaxing, special day just being together.

Buy a gift

or just go out and have free fun together

A Lovely Card

The words mean everything. Obviously Dad would feel slightly put out if not even a small present arrived on ‘the day’ but a nice gift card or, even better, a home made card can mean a lot. Try and put down in words what is not always so easy to say out loud. Moonpig.Com


If you are lucky enough to still have your Dad around nearby then the best gift you can give him is YOU. So whatever your situation, please have a great day on 21 June and we’ll be raising our glasses of Stag’s Breath Liqueur to our own dads both at home and away.

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