Fillet of Venison Poached in Stag's Breath


  1. 2 kg Saddle of venison on the bone
  2. 600 ml good beef stock
  3. 25 g butter
  4. Bouquet garni bayleaf, salt, black pepper
  5. 1 glass Stag’s Breath


  1. Remove the fillets from the bone. Marinade in a little Stag’s Breath and black pepper. Chop up the bones and brown them in butter in a deep casserole. Pour in the rest of the Stag’s Breath Liqueur, then the stock, and simmer with the herbs for one hour. Strain the stock, and return it to the pan. Keep it at a simmering point.
  2. Brown the fillets, divided into several lengths if necessary, in butter over a high flame. Immediately poach them in the simmering stock for 10 minutes.
  3. Drain the fillets, slice them on the bias and serve with the sauce enriched with a little butter.